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Kaitlyn & Zach Jefferson Memorial Engagement Session



Did you know that I’ve known Kaitlyn since I was 5 years old? That means we’ve known each other for TWENTY years!! (Give or take a year or two). We actually were kindergarten best friends and basically inseparable the entire time we lived in Kentucky. We were both army brats though, so the inevitable occurred and we ended up parting ways in the second grade; her first to Ohio and then me to Virginia a few months later.

Facebook and social media weren’t really a thing in the late 90s, so we unfortunately lost touch until we found each other on Facebook a few years ago. I knew that she pursued her studies in South Carolina, but I had no idea that she moved and was actually only about AN HOUR from me for the last couple of years–talk about crazy!! I was SO FREAKING EXCITED that she asked me to take her engagement photos and immediately jumped at the opportunity to finally reconnect in person after all of these years. She hasn’t changed much and is still the same bubbly, laid-back, and compassionate person I remember! Moreover, Zach was so calm and caring towards her, and SO SWEET. It was so great to meet him, and I can’t wait to meet up with both of them again since they’re only across the Potomac from Andrew and I!

We met up on a brisk and slightly windy morning at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial for their engagement session and had the most GORGEOUS lighting the entire time. They made their engagement session seem so effortless and we ended up with some really great images–a few of which became some of my all-time favorites so far!


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