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Alyssa & Luke National Gallery of Art Engagement Session



Alyssa and Luke are getting married TOMORROW! I cannot wait to see their beautiful ceremony at Tudor Place in Washington D.C., but for now I am reliving their incredibly sweet engagement session from the National Gallery of Art!

The National Gallery of Art is a special place for these two: their first date was in the East Wing, they regularly go to events held here, and they spend one hour every weekend here learning about each room! They inspired me so much that Andrew and I went back the next weekend for a date day!

Back when we were initially planning their engagement session, I was absolutely THRILLED at the chance to photograph an engagement session at the National Gallery of Art! The only thing that held us back was that the government was shut down during this season of planning, which meant the National Gallery of Art wasn’t open for us to visit (cue sadness). We planned for a weekend in early February in hopes that maybe the government would be open again, but had a backup plan just in case. Nevertheless, as if it was meant to be, the government opened back up the week before their engagement session, which meant we were ON!

We met up and went over to the East side, taking in as much of that beautiful natural light we could and enjoying some of the art installations! They taught me all about the Washington Color School and I enjoyed walking around with them and hearing them discuss art in such a beautiful way. I remember Luke talking about his time spent in each room and how he asks himself, “Which piece stands out to me the most in this room?” and then “Why does this piece stand out to me in comparison to the other ones? What makes it different?” I found myself asking the same questions to Andrew and I the next week as we looked through the rooms!

Alyssa and Luke are such sweet souls, and their relationship inspires me to enjoy the little moments with Andrew! They made Andrew and I want to go out to a museum each weekend, and we’ve since enjoyed a bit more out of DC than we did when we lived in Arlington! I can’t wait for their special day tomorrow, and I can’t wait to share it with you soon. In the meantime, enjoy some highlights from their engagement session!



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